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  • on: June 17, 2019, 07:30:09 PM
Please follow the rules below on the server at all times unless otherwise stated by server staff, Failure to follow the rules can result in a punishment.


1. Meta-Gaming - The only time Meta-Gaming is allowed is with player reports, Otherwise, Using Information gained Out-Of-Character for In-Character Benefit is not allowed.

2. Power-Gaming - You cannot force someone to Role-Play even though you are required to Role-Play, This goes for /me and not giving the other player time to react.

3. Death-Matching - This should already be known, However, Death-Matching is not allowed, You can kill anyone you want but you must have a valid reason, When you kill someone, Message them in PM And tell them why.

4. Ass-Pulling - Ass-Pulling weapons is only required when you are in a group or in an Role-Play situation where people are around you that require Role-Playing, However, In a shootout, Ass-Pulling is allowed without the use of /me. Just keep in mind, This is an RP server and you should be RP'ing all the time.

5. Cop Baiting
- Baiting police to get them to chase/pull you over is not allowed, This means doing burnouts in front of police is not allowed. Purposefully committing a crime just to get the police to chase you is not allowed.

6. Modifications That Provide An Advantage - Modifications are permitted so long as they do not provide an advantage. If you are unsure if a modification provides an advantage please contact an administrator. (AutoHotkey is allowed so long as you do not abuse it, It is allowed for /me and /do commands.)

7. Impersonating Staff -  Impersonating Staff can lead to a TempBan, Continuing to impersonate staff will result in a PermaBan. If someone is breaking the rules use /report or report them on the forums.
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